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  • 河北環海物流有限公司

    Global Logistics環球物流


    Sharelogis is among the top three suppliers of transport and logistics services to some of the biggest projects on Earth. We have an impressive global track record of providing services that are competitive, fully compliant, safe and environmentally responsible.


    While much of the work is delivered through the core air and ocean freight services, Sharelogis’s Project Solutions experts also offer several distinctive services to meet even the most complex challenges in a competitive, timely, fully compliant, safe, and environmentally responsible way.


    Services provided include:




    Large-scale projects begin long before any major moves are actually carried out. Sharelogis supports customers in contract bids by giving detailed advice and pointing out potential transport issues based on local experience.


    Transport engineering


    Installations are designed and manufactured with the transport already in mind. Out-of-gauge and heavy-lift transports can require special transport equipment or even changes to existing infrastructure. Sharelogis’s in-house transport engineering department based in Houston (Texas, USA), Bremen (Germany) and Singapore, develops tailored solutions for the most exacting moves.


    Route and site surveys


    Sharelogis conducts detailed route and site surveys along transport routes, making sure to account for limitations imposed by infrastructure, climate, season or even the political landscape. If necessary it carries out upgrade work to ensure local road and rail links can carry standard and oversized loads safely. For marine transports, hydrographic surveys of shallow waters are made or safe havens identified in case of bad weather en route.


    Marine and cargo charters

    Sharelogis定期包機專門的海洋和河流船舶、駁船、拖船和供應船只,以及飛機等安東諾夫- 124,Antonov-12架伊爾76飛機和超限和重型負載安全到達目的地。Sharelogis還提供港口代理和畜牧業為石油和天然氣的客戶服務。

    Sharelogis regularly charters specialized marine and river vessels, barges, tugs and supply boats, as well as aircraft such as the Antonov-124, Antonov-12 and Ilyushin-76 to get out-of-gauge and heavy-lift loads safely to their destination. Sharelogis also provides port agency and husbandry services for oil and gas customers.


    Origin and destination services


    At origin, Sharelogis’s turnkey project forwarding solutions include vendor and purchase order expediting, collection, marshalling, industrial packing, delivery to port or airport and export customs clearance. At destination, Sharelogis provides first-hand information on import and local content regulations and manages import customs clearance, which can be particularly complex when moving equipment to remote locations in challenging countries for the oil and gas industry.

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