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  • 河北環海物流有限公司

    ATA CARNET單證貨物運輸報關


    ATA document case


    Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts - Chinese painting exhibition in Czech


    "All the way and light up Czech", the Chinese painting art exhibition of Sichuan Fine Art Institute was unveiled at the Art Museum of Anglo American University in Prague in December 17, 2018. 49 paintings created by teachers and students of Chuanmei made a stunning appearance, which greatly promoted the cultural exchange between China and the Czech Republic, and offered a great gift for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Czech Republic and China.

    Chongqing Xinya International Logistics Co., Ltd. is responsible for the logistics and ATA customs services of the exhibition.


    1、 實地考察貨物裝裱情況,測量大小,整理清單,為貨物定制合適的木箱包裝。

    2、 安排專業人員到畫室進行單幅畫作防撞包膜。

    3、 辦理出口參展海關申報所需批文ATA單證冊,向貿促會繳納保證金,辦理海關備案并出口申報。

    4、 安排貨物航空運輸。

    5、 安排布拉格清關并送往指定展館。

    6、 參展完畢后,展館收集畫作,安排專業人員進行單幅畫作防撞包膜并打包于木箱內,送回布拉格機場。

    7、 空運回國,海關核銷備案。

    8、 畫作送回川美,當場驗收,完成交接。

    9、 貿促會辦理銷案,退回保證金。

    The whole process logistics service provided by ontology includes:

    1. Conduct field inspection on the mounting of the goods, measure the size, sort out the list, and customize appropriate wooden case packaging for the goods.
              2. Arrange professionals to carry out single painting anti-collision coating in the studio.
              3. ATA carnet for approval required for customs declaration of export exhibition, deposit with CCPIT, handle customs filing and export declaration.
              4. Arrange air transportation of goods.
              5. Arrange customs clearance in Prague and send to the designated exhibition hall.
              6. After the exhibition, the exhibition hall will collect the paintings, arrange professionals to carry out a single painting anti-collision coating and pack it in wooden boxes and send it back to Prague Airport.
              7. Return to China by air and write off by Customs for record.
              8. Send the painting back to Chuanmei for acceptance and handover.
              9. China Council for the promotion of international trade will handle the case cancellation and return the deposit.

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