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  • 河北環海物流有限公司






    Ocean shipping Import Equipment Case

    Zhongan Xin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with registered capital of 650 million RMB. It is located in Langfang High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Langfang City, Hebei Province. The main business is to develop, produce and sell high-performance carbon fibers and their composite materials for industrial and civil use. The company is committed to building an international first-class carbon fibers industry to meet the growing market demand for carbon fibers products.

    Our company undertakes the Import clearance business of most of the production equipment of Zhongan Xin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. such as changing bills, depositing containers, customs declaration, inspection declaration, land transportation, insurance (domestic land transportation insurance). Most of the equipments imported by the company is large  dimension equipment, involving a large number of standard containers, frame containers, bulk cargo and oversize cargo transportation. At the same time, as a national encouragement project, our company undertakes all the tax reduction and exemption business of Zhonganxin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Langfang Customs, including the early period tax reduction and exemption project record, tax guarantee approval, later period tax reduction and exemption application and subsequent documents revising business for tax guarantee convert to tax reduction and exemption. At the same time, our company exerts super public relations coordination ability to help enterprises shipping the equipments which already arrived port but no  procedures of tax reduction and exemption guarantees to Bounded warehouse of Langfang Bounded Area. This business including more than 20 standard containers and frame containers. It has saved nearly 70% of Tianjin Port's wharf and warehousing cost for enterprises, and won high praise from enterprises.

    In view of the excellent performance of our company in the whole imported equipment project cycle of Zhongan Xin Science and Technology Co., Ltd., its brother company Kangde Composite Material Co., Ltd. which is also the downstream supporting industry of Zhongan Xin Technology Co., Ltd. All importing equipments are handed over to our company, and we will be responsible for the company's all tax reduction and exemption business in Langfang Customs.


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